Some kind words from clients, teammates and leaders

“The IBM family is extremely big and little did I know about this extremely talented woman. Allie, you’re one of the best designers I’ve ever met. Your creativity, willingness to participate and encourage everybody else to do the same has no limits! I was honoured to be by your side in the 48in48 hackathon. You’re essential in the amazing 3rd prize we won, so thank you very much for all your effort and hard work. I’m sure judges fell in love with your design as quickly as we did, as it transmitted all the right emotions and actions. Now, I know designs must come from the heart, and yours is big! Hope we can work together very soon, I deeply enjoyed the fun and talent you brought to the team!”

Karla Rangel García, Supply Chain Specialist & Blockchain Advocate at IBM

“Allie has remarkable design skills and was able to deliver a sharp, clean build for our client. I had a pleasure working with her extremely high level of professionalism, creativity, and passion.”

Linh Vuu, Senior Consultant at IBM

“Allie—It’s been a real pleasure to work with you. Your key skill is combining the ability to interpret our vision into reality and patience! I am sure it’s not easy with multiple opinions. My previous experience with designers has not always been positive because they have lacked interpersonal skills, so I think you have a real advantage in having the skills that you have combined with strong interpersonal skills. Thank you for getting us to this great point.”

Brigitte Tilburey, IBM

“Allie showed amazing grace and skill in website design. Her hard work and attention to detail helped produce an exceptionally UX-designed website for the 48in48 nonprofit event!”

Jason Keeler, Data Scientist, Delivery Consultant, Risk Analyst & Agile Ops at IBM

“I appreciate your contribution to organizing the ECF table tennis tournament by giving your valuable time and effort to be materialized this event! You are so willing to complete the tasks and your sportsmanship nature is greatly appreciable! I look forward to working with you in our upcoming tournaments! Thanks again!”

Zaber Hasnat, IBM

“Allie has been working with me for 3 weeks as the lead designer to design a clickable prototype for a mobile commercial banking app. Allie is a very dedicated designer and a real team player. She is detail oriented, organized and is a quick learner in terms of understanding the business value and processes behind the wireframes and screen designs. Over the 3 weeks, Allie was able to take rough, high level sketches to develop a clickable prototype in Adobe XD. Allie produced outstanding work on or ahead of time including user flows, LoFi and HiFi wireframes, and a branded prototype with minimal oversight. Allie continuously showcased her strong communication skills and deep design expertise for the duration of the project. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Allie. I see great potential in her to grow and add value to our clients and would consider her for my projects at any time.”

Mischa Koedderitzsch, Associate Partner, IBM

Allie worked with us to develop our new front-end single user interface. Allie quickly got to grips with the nature of what we do and was able to come up with a design which will, I believe, help to improve our employee experience – it is a clean design and simple for the user to use. Allie demonstrated strong communications and teamwork skills in how she approached this project – she listened to our ideas, also challenged where she wanted clarification and was very responsive in coming back to the team with her updates. She showed great humour and patience working with our team given often the number of people involved and the, sometimes, conflicting thoughts. Allie – thank you – you were great to work with – I enjoyed our interactions.”

Kerry Lebbern, IBM

“Allie did an outstanding job of transforming the legacy submission process for our client into a more user-friendly and easily understandable guided process for employees to use in the future. Allie consistently met the target dates for project checkpoints and final completion. She demonstrated excellence in her ability to be agile and responsive when lead times were compressed. It was a pleasure to work with her and I would not hesitate to engage with Allie on another project in the future.”

Bernadette Dugan, IBM

“Allie—Thank you for volunteering as part of our IBM team for 48in48 again! I love the passion you bring to the event, and your role on the teams as graphic designer is so critical for the success of these sites! As you know, this October event we just had was the biggest, most global event, with over 350+ volunteers (IBM and non-IBM) from around the world. We built 61 nonprofit websites over the course of the weekend, and the fact that your team won 3rd place for best site is amazing! Speaks to your skills and teamwork. Our IBM relationship with 48in48 is a growing one, and it is because of volunteers like you! Thank you for applying your skills for the good of our communities, contributing to IBM’s Corporate Social Responsibility priorities, and sharing your passion for giving back! I look forward to seeing you at many more of our 48in48 events.”

Bee-Lian Quah, Associate Partner, IBM

“As a new business owner, I needed to know I could trust whoever I would hire to help me brand myself, and I’m so grateful to have worked with Allie! Her approach to branding and website design was so thorough and thoughtful and she helped me feel confident in knowing our project was in good hands. So glad I found you, Allie!”

Laura Sponaugle, Wedding Photographer

“Allie finds and implements commendable ways to handle any design challenges that come her way, demonstrating a commendable, strong work ethic. Allie is very creative when it comes to her designs and she always finds the best ways in order to get the job done.”

Ychele De Freitas Braz, Dalhousie University

Allie Jehle — Product | UX | UI